anna j autumn king

 Award-winning filmmaker and photographer 

Anna King

I am an award-winning independent filmmaker/actor/artist/photographer from rural New Hampshire. I recently fulfilled a dream of mine to create a music video in the of spring 2022 with Phizzy Milk’s cover of “Slither.” I have always been fascinated by music videos, especially since they combine my two favorite forms of art: film and music.

What is it that draws me to film? The thought and effort that goes into each shot selection, each lighting decision, and each location choice are only part of the allure of filmmaking to me. I am fascinated by the way a story can be told through images without needing to provide paragraph-long descriptors, the ability to convey a complex emotion through a five-second clip. So far, filmmaking has been a lonely profession for me (since I do the majority of my projects solo) so I cannot wait to work with others on future projects and experience the collaborative side filmmaking has to offer.

photo by Kata Sasvari
photo by Kata Sasvari

In the digital arts, I have designed logos and web content for start-up companies as well as posters for theater productions.

When not pursuing film, photography, theater or the graphic arts, I enjoy playing electric guitar in and out of rock bands as well as songwriting.


Instagram: @annajautumnmedia 

YouTube: Anna J Autumn Media